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Discover the epitome of urban cool in the streets of Melbournes oldest and hippest suburb.

Dive into the eclectic life of Fitzroy, where creative edginess mingles with historical authenticity in a rich bustle of activity.

You are located perfectly in between Brunswick Street & Smith Street, where you will find an array of cafes, bars, restaurants and unique stores.

Brunswick Street.

Upon exiting the building, if you take a left hand turn and walk West along Argyle Street, within a two minute walk you will be right in the middle of Brunswick Street. From there, you can either go left or right and you will be surrounded by all types of eateries, bars and cafes.

Brunswick St has a mixture of eclectic and interesting shops, clothes and food. If street art is your thing, the surrounding alleyways and backstreets are also interesting as there is an ever-changing array of graffiti, stencils, stickers etc on show.

For easy access into Melbourne city, jump on the number 11 tram which runs along Brunswick Street which will take you into the heart of the CBD.

Smith Street

Melbournes newest foodie destination has to be Smith Street in Collingwood. Here you will find some of the best local eateries around. If you are standing at the front of our building, take a right and walk East along Argyle Street. Walk down a couple of blocks and take a right along Smith Street. If it's a nice evening out and you don't have much on, take a walk to Gelato Messina which is half way along Smith Street on the right-hand side. This popular Gelateria is busy every night and you might find yourself in a line just to sample some of their tasty offerings. Well worth the effort!

Gertrude Street

A little further on along Smith Street, take a right along Gertrude Street and check out the eclectic shops, bars and cafes. You can walk along Gertrude Street back to Brunswick Street, take another right and walk back to your apartment.

Melbourne City guides are on the coffee table of each apartment and are a wealth of knowledge about our great city. If you have any specific questions for us, email us on and one of my staff will happily reply to you.


Fitzroy is a well-known cafe precinct of Melbourne. The majority are concentrated around Brunswick Street, although many are starting to spill over to Smith Street, where you will see more ethnic food amongst the neighboring streets.Napier street runs parallel to Brunswick Street and contains a series of friendly residential pubs.
Babka, 258 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9416 0091. The all-day breakfast menu is great, but you may also be tempted by the Russian blintzes filled with cottage cheese and served with a citrus sauce.
Atomica, 268 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 4255. Renowned for blending the perfect roast, Atomica is mecca for coffee lovers looking for their caffeine high. Cakes and pastries are made in-house and are the perfect accompaniment to a smooth flat white.
Vegie Bar, 380 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 6935. Specialising in organic, vegan and gluten-free meals, Veggie Bar offers healthy food in generous servings with a price range that doesn't break the bank. Serving food so tasty that even hardened meat eaters will be impressed.
Trampoline, 381 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 9415 8689. An enormous variety of mouthwatering ice cream and gelato flavors.
Bimbos, 376 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 94198600. Hard to miss, with a giant Kewpie doll stuck to its roof. Bimbos serves $4 gourmet pizzas from Sunday to Thursday and has an outstanding range of chilled infused vodkas made on the premises.
Joes Garage, 366 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. An all time favourite which is always busy due to huge meals and cheapish prices.
Napier Hotel, 210 Napier St, Fitzroy, 9419 4240. The Napier is a great local pub with a laid back atmosphere, excellent food and an outdoor seating area. The bogan burger has a reputation because of its size, but the real winner here is the parma with smoked kangaroo.
Marios, 303 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 9417 3343. 20 years old, with white tablecloths and old fashioned waiters, Marios is still serving good Italian-Australian cuisine and satisfying coffee.
Lune Croissanterie, 119 Rose Street, Fitzroy. Voted the best croissants in the world by The New York Times. Trust me, if you feel like waiting in a line for these amazing things, it is worth your while. Get there early as they sell out and the line outside is insane.
The great thing about Fitzroy is that there is so much to chose from. Don’t just take our advice, simply wander around and you will find something great.
If you feel like eating in, download the Uber eats, Foodora or Deliveroo apps and you can have pretty much any restaurant deliver their food to your door. This is a great service especially when it’s cold or raining and there is not much in the fridge.

Locality Map

Closest Public transport:

Buses 200 and 207 which both run along Johnston Street

Tram Line 11 (Stop 16) which runs along Brunswick Street

Tram Line 86 (stop 19) which runs along Smith Street

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